Our company.


Welcome & Namaste

My name is Christoph and I am 35 years old. We’re happy to welcome you on our website.

The company was founded in 2010 with one of the first vegetarian restaurants in the South of Germany – the OM Café. A special place with Yoga, a little boutique and delicious food. In 2017 I took over the sale and marketing of a watch label in Germany which has been quite successful up today.

However, my love to spirituality and watches has never stopped.

That’s why we – my team of 8 young people and me – will start with our first own label OM Movement in 2022. This combines the ‘vibe‘ of the OM Café and the ‘know-how‘ we have developed within the last few years.

We loved the idea of everybody wearing an OM Movement watch and beeing able to read the word OM on her / his wrist that much that we have created an OM watch. In cooperation with experienced watch manufacturers our young team is always keen on launching watches & jewellery with a remarkable design and a touch of spirituality.

I am happy if you like our label. Maybe our story inspires you to always believe in yourself and sometimes to take paths even if they look a bit challenging. Trust in life and follow the way of your heart – no matter how challenging the beginning may be.

Our philosophy.

Put all your power in every small act and love.

This is our spirit – we work with attention to detail in a casual work environment. With every customer we hope to gain a friend who becomes a part of OM Movement. Fairness is our guiding principle – if people around you are happy – so you do, too.

Give more back than you take!  

Our vision.

Creating watches & jewellery that fill you up with joy and always remind you of the inner happiness you’re looking for in life.

Our mission.

By creating our products we want to unite people who have but one goal – making the world a better place!

social projects.

Social Impect is our biggest concern and exactly therefore we need you.

For every watch sold we donate a certain amount to Hindu temples known to us. In those temples monks recite prayers every day.

In addition, we support projects such as Welthungerhilfe e.V. We want to do our’s bit in getting enough food for everyone.

Furthermore, we support a project of street children in Brasil.

By buying a watch you make all that possible.

Together we want to start many more of those projects. Learn more about it on our social media accounts. Thank you very much for your support!